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Friday, 9 August 2013

Thoughts of a Frustrated Football Fan

This has been the most frustrating summer for me, in terms of football. I don't know what I want more, for football to be back, or the transfer window to be closed.
I've grown somewhat tired of sharing my opinions on football. That's not to say I don't still do it. I was arguing about football whilst drinking and  eating chicken on Tuesday so clearly I'm not that tired. As my chicken got cold as the arguments ensued.

Will Manchester United still be successful under Moyes? Will Rooney stay? Will we sign anyone? Can we still attract big players?

I don't know the answer to these questions.

One of the frustrating things about football is being so convinced of an answer and someone directly opposing you. For example, I'm not as worried as everyone else is about David Moyes. And it really riles me up when people say that the glory days are over for us now that SAF is gone. This is somewhat hypocritical as, on a number of occasions in the past, I've expressed my dread at the aftermath of SAF leaving and how it could indeed signal the end of these glory days that our rivals have been awaiting. It's funny how one of the key reason I remain assured that we will succeed is because of the words of the great man who has left our club behind, saying that he has left the club in fine shape, as he had always intended to. I believe every word he says. He's seldom ever let me down. But it's not him at the helm, not anymore...

Luis Suarez. In short, he's a cunt. His demeanour, his lack of respect. Not enough words. At all. Also, Arsenal's disrespectful addition of adding £1 to the transfer fee to trigger that clause. Considering it's not a clause that forces Liverpool to sell Suarez, on principles alone I would flat out refuse to sell the player to them. You can't increase the bid by £1. Am I a dickhead (last night, a friend and I established that this is actually almost always the perfect response when one feels like they've been wronged. May the saying long live on.)? On the matter of Arsenal, Wenger is up to his shenanigans claiming that Arsenal are strong enough to win the league without signings. Lol.

The media. Selling the dreams of Thiago joining United. Strootman to United. Ronaldo to United. I'm sure there are other fans of other teams who also have their own frustrations about signings that the media have sold them but, of course, the ones that get me most are the ones about my own club.

Oh and Gareth Bale. Saddens me that he might to Real Madrid (because there's no way we'd pay that much for him). Who are we going to sign?! I mean I know we will sign players. We have to (yes, I'm reassuring myself), but who?! Well, until we do, I shall continue to remind myself that SAF said he left us in the best possible shape, which, in theory means, we don't need any signings, but would be nice to get some anyway...

David Moyes, Luis Suarez, the media and Gareth Bale... Anything else? Well, this is all I've got for now. I'm sure there's more. You got any? Feel free to share, in a comment.

Can this season just begin, please? Can September 2nd come and the transfer window be over and the football being played meaning I'm less affected by nonsense transfer rumours?


(N.B. in hindsight, maybe this should have just been called thoughts of a frustrated Manchester United fan)

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