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Friday, 9 August 2013

Dealing with People

For many years of my life, I've been of the belief that the world would be a perfect better place if everybody operated like me. I'm always on time, I'm efficient, I prioritise important matters but, despite this, still treat all relevant tasks with the required effort for it to be completed efficiently/well. Just a few of my more modest qualities there.

Sadly, I'm some years away yet from taking over the universe and chances are, before I reach that goal, somebody might find my achilles' heel (alcohol?) and use it to destroy me. 

With this in mind, for now, I have no choice but to accept that people being different to me is a fact of life that I must deal with. Bah, humbug.

I can't speak for all but it's no secret that in my industry collaboration is paramount. Work doesn't materialise without collaboration. Should I list the different roles? Will that be interesting? Or will I forget a role, not treat it as important and accidentally offend a member of my current production? Yeah, I think I'll save myself the stress...

Everyone is important to the production in some shape or form. Yes, some people are more expendable than others but, on the whole, you want all of your first choice people to remain a part of the project. 

Let's take away the environment here and pretend it's a group of friends. You'll have the friend who's:
- always on time
- always late
- blasé 
- bossy
- temperemental
- emotional

Of course the list could go on and you might find that in your group of friends you might not have each of those qualities within. But the point I'm making is that people are different and it's rare (by rare, I mean never, but you're never meant to say never, are you? Gotcha). But in friendship groups, it just works, right? Well, in mine it does.

Now let's take it back to my current production. People are just different, right? And that's all well and good, but what about dealing with two very different people? Like the person who's always on time and the person who's always late (N.B. this is a hypothetical)? How do you deal with both these people? They're both important to the production. Mr. On Time can't understand why Mr. Always Late doesn't understand the importance of time. Mr. Always Late thinks that it'll all be alright on the night, right...

The irony of the last example is that, in general, I'm always someone who's on time (and, thinking further into this, realising that this could be seriously read as an indirect to someone; it's not!) and, more often than not, deal with people who are, well, not. 

But you know what I've come to learn in life? If the good outweighs the bad then why let that bad annoy you so much? As perfect as I believe a world full of Abrahams would be, I'm not so perfect either. Far from it, in fact. And my friend (and also people on production) put up with my shit. Accepting the bad in people in favour of the good their bursting with is a refreshing thing. Try it!

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