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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Monkey on my Back

Something I try not to worry about but inevitably end up doing so is living up to my previous work. In this case, my last blog post, which received more views than any of my other previous posts in the space of two hours, as well as the most responses/positive feedback. Of course, I am grateful for this, but I can't help but  feel like I could end up disappointing anybody who expects all my posts to impress them as much as that one. I'm not saying I'm incapable of this, but it certainly is the elephant in the room, or the monkey on my back.

A screenwriter who I admire incredibly is Woody Allen. At the age of 76, he his still actively writing - his latest film being To Rome With Love which came out a few weeks ago and is brilliant - and he has been credited as a writer for 70 films, 48 as a director. He has been nominated for 15 best original screenplay Oscars, winning 3 and 7 best director Oscars, winning just the 1. 

The point I'm making here is that not all of Allen's work has reached the highest heights, but he will without a doubt go down as one of the greatest film-makers ever. I am by no means comparing myself to Woody Allen, but he is definitely what I aspire to in the sense that I want to continue to do what I love and enjoy for the rest of my life. Others would rather make a small selection of great pieces of work and have an untarnished record, and I don't frown upon that, but I can't imagine not doing this 'til my last breath. Will this mean that I'll write bad films/TV shows/articles/anything? I hope not. In reality, something I write probably won't go down well. But it seems like the trick is to give all you can to each individual piece of work and once you're confident that you can do no more to better it, leave it be, give it to the world and whether they praise it or slay it, take it all with a pinch of salt. Don't stay in the moment too long, whether it be glory & adulation or criticism & negativity.

No matter what, you're doing what you love. And nobody can ever take that away from you.

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P.S. Comments would be most welcome at the bottom, as when left on social networks, others won't necessarily see it, not to say you should cease commenting on the social networks... (said the blogger, albeit typically, wanting people to see that others have taken time out to read his blog, which makes them think 'ooooh he must be a good writer if people are commenting, ooooooooh, this must be worth it, ooooooooooooooooooooh, maybe I should share my views too!')

P.S.S. Sorry if that last comment put you off commenting. I knew it was hit & miss.


  1. Great words Abe. My father said to me today, 'I have lost interest in all else but playing the fiddle, why I had stopped playing was utterly wrong. If I had stayed playing I would be very good now, listening to others can be just as much damaging as it is helpful, I play because I love it!' Ruth

  2. I love what he said! It's such a hippy thing to say but I really do believe that just doing something because you love it is the source of true happiness, regardless of whether you want or expect it to amount to anything. Nobody and nothing can take away what you love (doing) from you unless you allow them