Abe must write because, by doing so, he is able to play god and all the morons receive just retribution.
And because everybody lives up to his (high) expectations and if they do not, they dieeeeeeee.
Conclusively, this will make for a better world.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Introduction: Short & Sweet

I'm terrible at being concise, I honestly am. I think that might be one of the things I'll (attempt to) achieve with this blog.

About four years ago I started up a blog and I believe this is where my true passion and talent for writing was realised by others, as well as myself. At the suggestion of a good friend who reckons it'll benefit me and my writing in a number of ways, we find ourselves here again. Although this time, I hope to be as impersonal as possible, whilst still being personal.

If you're reading this and don't know much about me, here's a brief introduction:
- is 21
- lives in London
- aspiring screenwriter
- love Manchester United
- can't live without music
- has set foot on the moon
- room is currently an organised mess
- fidget far too much
-  wrote my first script on 26/12/10

Spot the lie.

I primarily write screenplays but, of course, won't be posting any of those up on here (who would even read them?!) but I do write other little bits here and there, and the weirdest/craziest things tend to occur either to me or around me. So here's a place to document them.

Being the awesomely skilled person that I am, I can confirm that I spend the majority of my time either listening to music or watching TV/films, alongside doing something else (such as writing, and/or tweeting: @abeislegend) which confirms, for you, that I am a proven multi-tasker; I'm adding that to my CV.
Based on this awesomeness I've decided that, with each post I write, I shall share what I'm watching/listening to at the time.

Currently listening to: Jessie Ware - Sweet Talk

I hope this post has passed the 'concise' test.

Until next time!

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