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Friday, 21 September 2012

Football Manager Addiction + Poetry: Personifying Paris

The first three hours of my Friday morning I have been playing Football Manager, knowing that I have 5-10 pages of script to be writing. Don't leave Football Manager on overnight, guys. It will ruin the start of what is supposed to be a productive day once you pick that laptop back up and it's just there, staring you in the eye, inviting you to play it. People think that Football Manager addiction is a joke. It isn't. I can't even bring myself to look in the mirror sometimes, I'd just be so disgusted in myself knowing how I'd spent my time and knowing how I should have spent my time.

WARNING: Football manager has the ability to destroy relationships, degrees, careers and entire lives. There is no greater enemy of progress to mankind. 
Well, my kind of man, anyway.

Anyway, to make myself feel less guilty and kick-start a productive day three hours later, I am sharing a pre-written poem that has required no creativity of me today whatsoever. This was the poem I mentioned in my last post and I wrote it earlier this year as a piece of coursework (before I'd ever visited Paris) but is a concept I've had for much longer.

Personifying Paris 

Dear Paris,
There’s something about you
I think it’s the magic
and I’m not the only one who’s noticed.

But don’t you just know it
You’re so proud of yourself
More so when heads turn
and mouths speak of you.

Synonymous with love
With your Ponts des Arts
Once they love it’s real
and they’re locked with you forever.

Dear Paris,
One day we will meet.

Without hopefully stating the obvious, it isn't only about Paris. Hope you enjoyed it.

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