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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How I Got a Charizard

I haven't really had much to write on here of recent. I wouldn't call it writer's block, as I write daily, but just nothing blog-worthy and been too busy with the other writing. I contemplated sharing one of the many blog-like rambles I have saved on my mac from the days when I never had a mac but my self-imposed rule on those is to not edit anything out and the majority of them are too personal/revealing. I don't like writing/sharing about myself.

 However, this morning, I found myself writing a little piece from memory that I had no intended to post on the blog but here we find ourselves, an anecdote from my primary school days and how I obtained a shiny Charizard pokémon card... 

My memory never fails to amaze in it’s talent for remembering things. Some of those things being more pointless than others. When I was in year 4 the fad that all us kids were going crazy over was Pokémon cards. This was the twilight years when there were only 150 that Ash was trying to catch. Who would have known there would be more… I digress. There was one specific Pokémon card that everybody wanted more than any other. The rarest of them all; Charizard.  It was so highly sought after that there had been coverage of it in the 6 o’clock news. It was the most powerful Pokémon with a HP (Health Points) of 120 and from what I remember, his sole move having a power of 100 (see what I mean about remembering pointless things? I’ve already forgotten details from the 3 very vivid dreams I had this morning). Amy Mao, one of two Maos in our class (they were non-identical twins) had obtained the much sought after Charizard and I wanted it so bad! She was willing to give it to me… At a price. My best friend at the time fancied someone and everyone wanted to know whom it was. Everyone but me, of course, who he had entrusted with this information. The deal at hand. Tell Amy Mao who Patrick fancies, get the Charizard. How much did I want the Charizard?

That evening I went over to my dad’s house, with a mixture of emotions. Of course I felt guilty but surely Patrick would understand, it was CHARIZARD. It looked incredible and nobody else in our whole school had one. I mean surely Patrick would forgive me? I convinced myself that I would have forgiven him had he done it to me. I’ve always considered myself to be a rational man.

The next day I told Patrick. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have been so surprised as to how not-so-rational he was. Amy Mao was the girl he fancied, after all. He didn’t want to speak to me and there was only one way I felt I could show I was truly sorry; a peace offering of what had caused our rift: Charizard. Thinking back to it, Patrick might have actually held our friendship at ransom and said this was the only way it could be rectified but either way, I caved and my time with Charizard was cut abruptly.

When Amy Mao got wind of the fact that there had been a change of ownership of Charizard, she hunted Patrick down to find out if this was true and snatched it back from him, informing him that she had not given it to him and therefore he could not keep it. So there was Patrick and I, Patrick with nothing to show for forgiving me and I with nothing to show for my betrayal.

Well, at least we were friends again.

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