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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Let's Talk Tulisa

If success is measured by money then it would be fair to say that Tulisa Constolavos has been the most successful member of N-Dubz. Money aside, she's also been a judge on The X-Factor (winning it in her debut year), clothing line, perfume, a documentary on BBC3 that raised awareness on mental illness and tugged the nation's heart strings, supposedly a role model for Broken Britain (and many young people) and much more. Hasn't done bad for a girl who reportedly left school with no GCSEs, right?

I would consider myself to be a fan of N-Dubz, call it one of my many guilty pleasures. When the media got on to her about her (dreadful) sex tape, I defended her somewhat. I mean we all do what we do in the bedroom as we please, just that she let them film it. But can we really blame her for, as she said, trusting someone who she was in love with? Surely not, who would think someone who they love would do something like that to them?

Unfortunately, there's a seemingly reoccurring theme here with Tulisa: stupidity.

Up until now I would say Tulisa's PR team have done a good job. She managed to retain her job as an X-Factor judge last year despite the sex tape scandal and, generally speaking, anything that the media blows out of proportion about her eventually gets swept under the carpet and she continues to prosper (bar her laughable solo album sales). But this one? I have no idea how they're going to be able to spin it. If it was my client, I'd decide it was time to call it a day...

I've noticed a distinct opposition to the 'no new friends' mantra by many and, as much as I can understand why and don't particularly agree with it myself, Aubrey might just have have a point. I mean, how has new friends gone for Tulisa? I'm curious to know how this wolf in sheep's skin portrayed himself to Tulisa and wormed his way in, I really am.

If we make some calculated assumptions, we can assume this guy is very much a new friend to her who she doesn't know well at all. So why was she so willing to facilitate this deal for him, arguably even going above and beyond? This takes me to a problem that I've always felt I've had with Tulisa: her insecurities. On TV and on twitter, she appears to have this massive chip on her shoulder that reminds me of many girls from 'the hood'. It's tough to describe, but it's a high-walled defensiveness and desperation to prove oneself to the wrong people. With all the success she has that speaks for itself, why does she still feel such a desperate need to prove herself?

For me personally, maybe my moral compass is a bit wayward but even now I still find myself defending Tulisa and saying what she's been exposed for isn't so bad. She's not selling the drugs and, let's all be real, there's a high percentage of celebrities who probably do what Tulisa was caught doing (facilitating access to drugs) but they are not stupid enough to get caught. The tabloids are no angels in this and when you think about this a little deeper, it's actually quite sickening that they've essentially come up with this plot to ruin Tulisa. She didn't go around offering out drugs (could say she might as well have), rather that someone lulled her into a false sense of security and knew what they had to do/say to get her to take the bait and facilitate her own downfall.

As I wrote in an old post Public Property, as a celebrity and public figure, with the good comes the revolting bad and this is the life that so many, like Tulisa have chosen to live. Unfortunately, like Tulisa, so many are incapable of realising what I think is the downfall for so many: success requires sacrifice!! Had she realised, she'd have dropped out people like Mike GLC (who I reckon is almost certainly going to prison, considering there is now evidence beyond reasonable doubt of his dodgy dealings - ain't he high enough up the food chain to have guys doing his deliveries for him?), dropped her hood mentality, dropped the attitude and everything else that has and will continue to hinder her prospering. Maybe it's true that people never change...

Another thing I have to touch on before rounding this off. Who get's a tattoo above their putang that says "Lucky You"?! A virgin - nope. A slag - well, they could, but it'd be laughed at. Somebody who's had a video of them performing sexual acts viewed by millions on the internet?! 

You really do make it hard for us to defend you and there's only so much that people will be willing to forgive you for because you're young, Tulisa.

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