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Friday, 15 March 2013

The (Eventual) Revenge of the Concert-Goer

I am a concert-goer. I love concerts. And, more often than not, the incredible experience outweighs any potential burden of the cost. So when an artist who's music I love announces a concert date, more often than not, I will have every intention to go, regardless of the cost. N.B. That's not to suggest that I have unlimited finances - that's certainly not the case, in fact the only reason I was able to go to Watch The Throne in London & Paris last year was because they were both 21st birthday gifts.

I do however think that the music industry, or should I say the tour promoters, may be losing touch with reality. Recently I went to Kanye West at Hammersmith Apollo and it's dawned on me the last couple of the days that, at £75, it's the most expensive convert I've been to (bar the upcoming BeyoncĂ© gig). I'm not saying Kanye isn't worth that money; he was. I'm not saying 'but I've been to festivals where I've seen artist X, Y & Z for less' because I understand the logistics as to why promoters are able to sell festival tickets at reasonably affordable prices. I'm not even saying that Kanye West and Jay-Z cost less together at better venues! No, my issue is - actually - the tickets that didn't go on sale to fans.

I've been buying concert tickets for about five years and, more or less, know the systems inside-out in terms of when & how you can get the very best seats. So it was quite a shock to my system when through the usual methods, I wasn't able to do this with Kanye's show. Did I make a mistake? Had I lost my touch? Been out of the game for too long? But then the plot thickened...

There didn't actually seem to be anybody who had managed to secure good seats for the Kanye West show (the first announced date). #WhatsThatAbout?! Nobody I knew, nobody I followed on Twitter, nothing came up in searches on twitter where anybody had seats in the front blocks for Kanye's show at Hammersmith Apollo. Not in presale. Not in general sale. Nada.


In light of how quickly the show sold out, I was kind of grateful to have got a ticket in the end and actually had a pretty good view which I had nothing to complain about, bar getting into an altercation with an A-hole who was disturbing the show because we were in his seats because somebody had taken our seats in the row behind; why not be like us and just sit somewhere nearby that was convenient as to not disturb the show for others?!  Jerk. I was even more infuriated when part of the party left the show for a bit to get a drink. Clearly didn't want to see the show as much as I did.

At the show, I realised something. The front section of Hammersmith Apollo (block 7-13) were seated for a majority of the show. The back section (block 1-6) which we were sat in were stood for the majority of the show. The way it should be at a Hip-Hop concerts. Get on your damn feet! Why were we having such a great time and they weren't? Why such a contrast? Well I won't be mentioning names, but there was a lot of recognisable faces in those seats and, what looked like, a lot of suits. People who probably got the tickets because of who they are and not because they're massive fans. If I may add, throughout the show people in these sections were leaving to get drinks; some didn't even return.

So here lies my problem. Why give these people the BEST tickets? I'm happy to pay whatever outrageous price that's expected to see my favourite artists, as proven time and time again. But why are we, the real fans, not getting the best seats? That's not fair.

My friend Gabriel made a good point to me, though. One day, we will be one of those people who get tickets because of who we are or who we know. I guess I'll just be patient.

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