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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

If the World Ends...

I am a man with no regrets. Generally speaking, in the moment I will do what I want without thinking of consequences. This isn't to be confused with the phenomena that is YOLO, these behaviours were well instilled within me before the uprise of the term. And I will not look back with regrets because anything I did, I wanted to do at the time, so why regret? And if it was something where I wasn't in control so didn't have the choice of whether I wanted to do it at all, why regret?

With that in mind, if the Mayan calendar was to be correct, I would have some regrets. Like the regrets of a dying man, my regrets would be of things that I did not do, as opposed to things I did do. The regrets of time escaping me.

So here it is, if the world was to come to an end on 21/12/12, the seven1 things I would regret not doing are as follows...

1) Having not been a better travelled man. Need to visit more countries, as well as further explore the ones I've already been to.
2) Having never been to a Beyoncé concert. Especially when I had free tickets but opted not to go due to having an A-Level exam the next day. I performed miserably in that exam by the way. As opposed to the year before, where I watched the Champions League final the night before an exam then slept instead of revising ... And got 100%.
3) Not eating lobster. 
4) Not reading the Bible in it's entirety. I tried to do that from the start of the year. Well, I guess I could get God to read it to me from memory in the after-life...
5) Not running onto the pitch at Old Trafford for a pitch invasion. This is literally a dream for me. There are many Manchester United-related things I'd regret having not done.
6) Not skydiving. I want to know how it feels to fall through the sky at a gazillion miles per hour.
7) Not getting to live in my dream house. Quite likely co-designed by myself (code for telling a designer what I want and then him presenting to me what he wants me to think I want.
8) Not being able to meet and converse with some incredible people that inspire me, tell them how much they inspire me and bear victim to their wisdom. My blog post on Idols, Heroes & Their Teachings should give you an idea of whom.
9) Not getting to see one of my scripts/feature films come to life. And accepting an Oscar. And getting the chance to get lost in that Hollywood whirlwind. All rolled up into one.
10) Not putting $1,000,000 on a roulette board in Las Vegas.

Thankfully, I don't believe for one second that the world will end on 21/12/12 so I still have all the breaths that God allows me to take to do all of the above, and more. Some of which I shall hopefully conquer in 2013.

If the world ended tomorrow, what would you regret that you hadn't done? Let me know, drop a comment below!

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