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And because everybody lives up to his (high) expectations and if they do not, they dieeeeeeee.
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My Illicit Affair

Two nights ago I was skimming through some of my old pieces of writing and discovered a few things.
1) I used to be far more open and personal in my writing. 
2) Most of the pieces I've written in the past, I wouldn't post without heavily editing, solely due to #1.
3) There are a few pieces which are fine just as they are.

So here we have it again, another one from the vaults, which fits under the criteria of #3. I wrote this piece around two and a half years ago. Without further adieu... 

My Illicit Affair

I tried not to, I tried so hard not to. I wanted to resist it, I really did. But I just couldn’t. “What?” I hear you ask? But can I tell you?

You see in the beginning, I was able to ignore her. She didn’t even really exist to me. I wanted nothing to do with her and it wasn’t like I ever had to be around her. I was in a happy relationship so what business did I have even liaising with her? She couldn’t please me; I was already pleased. She couldn’t give me anything that my current relationship could; I was already satisfied. But then my friends started to tell me she was good for me, how I’m missing out, how the current relationship I was in didn’t offer me anything that the prospects of this one could. Out with the old, in with the new. So after several conflicts of the mind, I succumbed to peer pressure and decided to get in contact with her, subconsciously intrigued to discover what all the hype was surrounding her. Before she let me get to know her, she asked me a few questions, nothing major, just my name, where I’m located and what I like to be known as. I was cool with that.

At first we’d only communicate a few times a day, we got off as slow as a snail. But then we started to really hit it off, I guess the more you get to know someone, the more you start appreciate their qualities and realise what they can really offer you. But this would only spell disaster for the apparently ‘happy’ relationship, which I realised, was not so happy. You see I had lost the enjoyment, the excitement; there was nothing new. Apart from the friends that knew about this new woman in my life, I would never mention her around any other friends – they wouldn’t understand. I could never mention her around my lady, luckily I didn’t really need to explain to her why I wasn’t spending as much time with her anymore.

Because you see, my not so happy relationship was my relationship with Facebook and the lady of the night that caught my eye by simply requesting 140 characters from me was Twitter. A simple woman she was, she didn’t point out my embarrassing points, or tell me about a 1,000 club nights that I did not want to go to or even continuously ask me to join ridiculous social groups such as “I wet my toothbrush before I use it”. Oh no, all she asked me for was “What’s happening”. She always cared. I could confide in her. Some would see my confessions, but without judging me like the general Facebook folk.

But you know what? Unlike most illicit affairs, my one with Twitter is one I am proud of. Okay so Facebook is no longer consuming my life like it once used to but it still has its purposes. It reminds me of birthdays, tagged in pictures of memorable nights (and nights I don’t want to remember), still a great means of contact, amongst its other uses. But Twitter for me, has become a way of life. A close friend of mine always say ‘to tweet is to live’ and I fully believe this. No matter where I am, whether it’s in a meeting, in bed before I sleep, in the gym, (God forgive me for this one but) even in church, wherever, there is always a reason to tweet! I believe therefore, that there is only one more thing to say – @abeislegend, follow me!

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